Adidas Adicolor: Seven Short Films About Color

The adicolor podcast is a series of seven short films created for Adidas to celebrate “color, customization and personal expression”. The films were created to be specifically viewed on iPods, PSPs and online, which was still a fairly revolutionary proposition back in 2006 when the films were made. A team of excellent directors was put together, with Neill Blomkamp, Psyop, Happy, Tronic, Roman Coppola and Andy Bruntel, Saimon Chow and Charlie White each given an entirely open brief to create a film based on their emotional response to a particular color. The podcasts related to the adicolor global digital campaign for which Adidas had asked 20 artists to design a shoe based on their response to a color. The films feature such surreal scenes as an orgiastic dinner party involving green paintball splashes and a pink-loving teenager’s transformation into a bejeweled figurine. With an original goal of achieving one million views globally, the campaign actually achieved over 25 million views in just seven weeks.

Adidas: Adicolor Project – United Colors of adidas

In 2006  the German athletic apparel company adidas created an innovative ad campaign for the revival of their Adicolor shoe line. They invited filmmakers to create seven short films, each representing a different color. To promote the films, Adidas registered domains for each color-themed film based on their RGB color values. 

Although this was the website for the film, BLACK, I must admit that “Pink” by Charlie White is by far my favorite of the series.

Here’s the full series of seven films:



Black = 

Stills from Saiman Chow’s film for the colour BLACK. The film is a surreal tale about a lonely, crazed panda.



White =

Adicolor WHITE was directed by Tronic and sees Jenna Jameson enthusiastically playing a funfair game.


Adicolor RED FILM

Red =

Roman Coppola and Andy Bruntel created this animated history of the colour red for the adicolor RED film.



Adicolor BLUE FILM

Blue =

Psyop is behind the adicolor blue film, where New York City is turned black and white, apart from the odd splashes of blue.




Yellow =

Neil Blomkamp directed the adicolor YELLOW film, a gripping tale about robots and artificial life.



Green =

Adicolor green by Happy shows a space-age dinner party where everything gets a little out of hand after some green treats are consumed.



Adicolor PINK FILM

Pink =

Charlie White directed the adicolor PINK film, which sees a teenager turn into a bewelled figurine while her pink teddy looks on helplessly.


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